Aquasynthesis is a new anthology of short speculative fiction from the writers at Splashdown Books. The stories span a variety of styles and genres, linked by Walt Staples’ tale of a young woman’s journey of discovery, led by her enigmatic teacher:

“What am I supposed to see?” she asked.

He said nothing but continued to point. Gizile tamped down the little flare of indignation his dourness sparked. She moved to a low rock above the pool. The waves lapped over the seaward rim at the end of their run, before they fled back to their home. She bent over the pool, hands on knees, and looked into its depths. A wave flowed in. Crystalline ice erupted over the water like an intricate web. It hardened and turned white. Confused, Gizile stared at the frozen pool. 

A picture took shape over its surface. A picture that moved, as if it were a window to another world. Gizile held her breath. And watched.

Several of these stories are appearing for the first time anywhere. Authors include Caprice Hokstad, P.A. Baines, Adam Graham, R.L. Copple, Travis Perry, Mike Lynch, Keven Newsome, Grace Bridges, Kat Heckenbach, and Ryan Grabow. Kat and Ryan will debut their first novels at Splashdown Books later this year, and Aquasynthesis offers a taste of those stories.

Two of my short stories are also included in Aquasynthesis: “The Kissing Part,” a lighthearted prelude to my novel, The Muse, and “One Smile at a Time,” the tale of a young teacher who discovers one of his students has an extraordinary talent–and it might just save the world.

Take the plunge…and discover a new world of imagination. Aquasynthesis is available now in print and e-book from Splashdown Books, via,, and


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