Story Published–“Promises” in Big Pulp

The Fall 2011 issue of Big Pulp is on the street in both print and electronic formats, and it includes my superhero adventure/romance, “Promises.” If you’ve had a childhood friend go on to success or celebrity, and you’ve wondered if you still have a place in their life, you might find an echo of that feeling in this story.

I felt dizzy. This was my buddy, the rowdy girl who helped me fight imaginary monsters in my backyard, who rode bikes with me, who called me after dinner to ask for help with her homework. I stared at her with a mixture of joy, fascination, confusion, and a couple of other emotions I didn’t want to think about as she stood on a rickety platform in the town square, thanking us for welcoming her home and explaining her new mission in life.

Big Pulp publishes an eclectic mix of stories in classic pulp-magazine genres. It’s actually several magazines in one, and Big is the operative word…this puppy is 199 pages of fantasy, mystery, romance, science fiction, and horror. Something for everybody.

UPDATE (1 Aug 2011): You can purchase this issue of Big Pulp at barnes&, and it’s available for order through any local bookseller via Ingram Distribution, reference ISBN-13: 9780983644903 or ISBN: 098364490X.


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