July Banner

In honor of our nation’s birthday, this month we’re featuring the Freedom Train, which traveled the rails of all (then) 48 states for 413 days between 1947 and 1949, carrying 126 documents that played a key role in the inception and early development of the United States of America. Over 3.5 million people visited the Freedom Train during its 37,000-mile journey, and it inspired a similar exhibition during the 1976 Bicentennial. This image of the Freedom Train was painted by Howard Fogg. It resides at the Lincoln Highway National Museum and Archives in Galion, Illinois. I’m not sure if the tracks in 1947 Washington, D.C. actually ran as they’re depicted, but it makes for an inspiring picture.

The Freedom Train travels on subjective time now, but there’s nothing subjective about the historic treasures it carried. There’s a wealth of additional information about the Freedom Train within the Lincoln Highway Museum website at http://www.lincoln-highway-museum.org/FT/FT-Index.html


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