Odd Little Miracles

Today marks the official release of my first short story anthology, Odd Little Miracles, from Splashdown Darkwater. These 22 stories span the past several years, and one is appearing in this collection for the first time anywhere, so even if you’ve followed my writing for a while, it’s likely you’ll discover stories you haven’t seen before.

They all share one of my favorite themes–that moment when the ordinary and the extraordinary meet. What comes next is always a story worth telling. Rules break, history shudders, and destinies change.

Miracles happen.

And it’s often the miracles we don’t notice at first that have the most impact. These odd little miracles arrive unannounced, enter without invitation, and rearrange the furniture of our life when we’re not looking. They can be our salvation, or our undoing. You’ll discover examples of both outcomes as you read.

You’ll also meet characters who are an odd blend of ordinary and extraordinary:

An English teacher…with the power to defy gravity.

A powerful sorcerer’s evil minion…and her little dog, too.

Nuns…running search and rescue in the Asteroid Belt.

A beekeeper…who sells memories at a country fair.

A river guide…with a magical heritage.

A carjack victim…sharing a body with his attacker.

Extreme plastic surgery, alien invasions, monster hunts, lost colonies, side shows, divine intervention, deals with the devil, genius and madness–it’s all there, and more. You’ll laugh. You may cry. You might even need to keep the night-light on for a while.

The beautiful cover image is original art by my niece, Shelby Ice, whose award-winning work was selected in April to represent the City of Bakersfield in their 50th Anniversary Sister City celebration with Wakayama, Japan. Most of the time, Shelby employs a whimsical, sunny style reflective of her personality, but for this project, she chose to create an introspective, twilit scene with just a little touch of magic. It perfectly captures the mood of my anthology. Thanks, Shelby.

We’re offering the paperback version of Odd Little Miracles at a great price: $5.98–it’s less than a Combo Meal at your local burger joint, with no calories to count. If you’re a Kindle user, have we got a deal for you–through July 4th, you can get the Kindle e-book of Odd Little Miracles for only 99 cents at Amazon. That’s the going rate for one short story on Kindle, and we’re giving you twenty-two. After the 4th, the price will be $2.99–but that’s still a steal. We want to make this book affordable for everyone, in whichever format you prefer.

(Amazon’s system is still processing the Kindle listing for Odd Little Miracles. If you don’t see it, try again later. The sale price may also take a while to update. Apologies for the delay.)

So, pick up a copy at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or Smashwords. Enjoy. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell everybody.

For even more great summer reading, Splashdown Books is offering all its Kindle titles at 99 cents this weekend. It’s a golden opportunity to stock those virtual shelves with some outstanding tales of the imagination. Go to http://amzn.to/splashdownkindle

Do the impossible…change the future…save the world…

All it takes is one odd little miracle.


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