What’s Going On, 6/3/2011

Words to live by.

I’m in Colorado this week with my wife and daughter. The Darling Daughter is at the U.S. Air Force Academy attending their Summer Seminar, a week-long session that will give her a taste of cadet life and possibly influence her college plans. She’ll have a similar event at the U.S. Naval Academy in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, the Lovely Wife and I are knocking around Colorado Springs and surrounding locales, getting some much-needed quality time together, off the clock.

Writing has been slow, in part because work has been so busy. I’ve put out a few odds and ends–book reviews, blog posts, and my weekly articles at Speculative Faith, where I offer a decidedly un-serious perspective on the world of Christian spec-fic. I’m also judging a contest at Go Teen Writers this month. On the publishing front, my superhero story, “Promises,” will appear in the online and print magazine Big Pulp sometime this month, unless their schedule slips again.

Lots of action at Splashdown Books right now:

  • Keven Newsome’s debut novel, Winter, hit the street this week, inaugurating Splashdown’s new supernatural imprint, Darkwater. Buy a copy, encourage a budding author, and save the world. Everybody wins.
  • My short story anthology, Odd Little Miracles, is coming in July, and will include most of my short stories written through last year, including a couple of brand-new ones.
  • The Avenir Eclectia project is rolling along, and the microfiction episodes are starting to assemble themselves into a fascinating mosaic of a colony world divided among land, sea, and space habitats. I‘ve contributed three stories so far, with a fourth coming soon. A new story appears every two or three days at www.avenireclectia.com .



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