June Banner

This month’s banner features a train of the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway, a.k.a. the Manitou and Pike’s Peak Railway, which travels from Manitou Springs, Colorado, to the summit of Pike’s Peak–14110 feet above sea level! That’s a vertical climb of about 7600 feet, the highest cog railway in the world.

I’m particularly proud of this photo because I took it myself. I didn’t, however, take the comfortable train ride to the top of the mountain, no sirree. I drove there, with my lovely wife, on the charitably-named Pikes Peak Highway–18 miles of steep, twisting road with very few guardrails between my vehicle and a drop of several thousand feet. My self-image is much improved.

The Cog Railway runs on subjective time, which would have left me much less time to enjoy the breathtaking view from the peak, but may have been better for my blood pressure.

Most of the road wasn't this wide or straight. If you look closely, you'll see my lovely wife waving bravely from the passenger's side.


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