Home from Weiden, via Freising

My work trip in Germany is over, and I’m safely and happily back home with my family. The flight home was uneventful, which is always a good thing. Atlanta-Hartsfield airport (my port of entry) was crowded and dreary as usual, though there’s always something heartwarming about the Customs officer handing back your passport and saying, “Welcome  home.”

Prior to our departure, we had an overnight stop in Freising, just outside Munich, in an effort to keep folks on the team from racing down a foggy autobahn in rental cars at 3 am to make their airline connection. It gave us the opportunity to walk around this ancient cathedral city, about 500 years older than Weiden.

It was a pleasant afternoon. The cathedral, set on a hill overlooking the city,  is massive, and no pictures I took could possibly do justice to the sensory overload of its ornately furnished interior, but I tried. You can click on the picture to get something closer to reality. In fact, click on all the pictures. They’re much better at full size.

Freising’s symbol and mascot is a bear, and he’s everywhere. Many shops had a bear on display outside, whimsically dressed and decorated, so I now have an entire Rogue’s Gallery of Freising Bears in my photo album.

It’s also Frühlingsfest (spring festival) time in Germany, and we happened to stumble onto a parade of folks transporting a freshly-cut and decorated maypole to the festival grounds. We followed them until we realized they were going a couple of miles further than we cared to walk. Returning to the center of town, we had a nice dinner at an outdoor cafe and watched all the folks strolling along the avenue.

That concludes my little adventure in Germany. I still have a backlog of pictures to post in my Facebook album, so check back there over the next week or so to see what I’ve added.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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