New Story Online – “Dodger” at Avenir Eclectia

My first contribution to Splashdown Books’ ongoing collaborative microfiction project, Avenir Eclectia, is online today.

Smith and Kate look after a small community of children living on the margins of society in the lower levels of the Avenir station. Smith gets an offer from an old friend:

“Why’re you still playing nursemaid to this pack of sewer rats when you could be second in my gang and live like a king?”

A toddler circumvented the line and went straight to Kate, bowl outstretched. She administered a mock scolding, then filled his bowl anyway.

Smith chuckled and pointed at the child. “I like them. Better than I like you.”

Read the whole story at .

For a little more background on Smith and his community, check out related episodes from Grace Bridges and Kat Heckenbach:


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