April Banner

In honor of April showers and all that, this month’s banner features a diesel locomotive zipping through a rain-drenched landscape. It’s part of a painting by Rich Booth, an artist who studied his craft at Boston University’s School of Fine Arts.  The piece is titled, logically enough, “Rain Train.” Mr. Booth shares a bit of his creative philosophy:

When I make a painting I strive to create an interesting object. It must have its own source of light. The surface must compel you to take a closer look. Every square inch should stand on its own. And whether it’s a figure, a landscape, a piece of fruit or a dog on a hill, it should make you want to know more.

That’s very similar to the way I feel about my writing.

Like every train that passes through the Frederation, the Rain Train runs on subjective time, which is, of course, the proper way to enjoy a rainy day.

The original image can be found at Rich Booth’s website, and is available for purchase if you’d like to add it to your collection.


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