What’s Going On, 3/24/2011

It’s been a very busy several weeks. As usual after a work trip, I’m still playing catch-up, writing and otherwise. I had a very interesting and productive time in Korea–if you missed it, that saga begins here–but I’m very happy to be back home with my family again.

The Scoreboard – I didn’t post my usual monthly tally of story submissions, rejections, and publications last month, partly because I was traveling, and partly because there wasn’t much to report. I had one short-story submission in February, sci-fi satire “The Odor From Outer Space,” to The Drabblecast. Response is still pending, but they’ve held this one longer than anything else I’ve sent them, so I’m hopeful.

On the publications side, my superhero romance, “Promises,” was scheduled to appear in Big Pulp this month, but they’ve had some challenges with this issue, in part because they’re now issuing a print ‘zine in parallel with their e-zine. Looks like a June release now. Kid steampunk story “The Flying House” is still scheduled to appear in the April issue of the young-adult print magazine, Beyond Centauri.

Ink Slinging – Continuing work on the manuscript rewrite of The Seer, sequel to The Muse. It’s going more slowly than I’d like, mostly because I’ve been so busy with everything else. I’m still on track, but I want to have this thing ready for editorial review in April. I’m also near completion on a short story I’ve been battling for nearly a year now. It’s a follow-up to “Of All Things, Seen and Unseen,” a story set in Karina Fabian’s “Rescue Sisters” universe, which appeared at Residential Aliens in 2009. Finally, I’m doing a little microfiction as time allows over at Splashdown Books’ new collaborative writing project, Avenir Eclectia. I’ve got two stories in the queue right now, but they’re somewhere around 20th in line.

Columnny – I’m now a regular contributor at the Speculative Faith blog, and you can watch for my quirky stuff there on Tuesdays. Here’s the first one. I’ll also be guest-posting an article about worldbuilding at Stephanie Morill’s teen writing community/blog, Go Teen Writers, in the next week or two.

UPDATE: Just got word that my review of Gustavo Bondoni’s sci-fi anthology, Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places is now online at Residential Aliens. Check it out!

Home and Family – Everybody’s back to school now, but it was nice to have the whole clan, plus “significant others,” together for a few days after I returned from Korea. We’re into track and field season, and the ambient temperature has dropped accordingly. The Darling Daughter’s robotics team goes to Nationals in St. Louis at the end of April, when, unfortunately, I’ll be away on yet another work trip. Thank heaven for streaming video. We also recently upgraded the family camera, so mo’ better pictures of the Weekly Weimaraner should be appearing here soon.


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