A Brave New World – Avenir Eclectia

Have you ever wanted to just get away from it all, make a fresh start in a new place, somewhere nobody knows your name, and the risks and rewards are limited only by your own audacity and determination?

Now’s your chance. Splashdown Books has created an exciting new collaborative writing venture: Avenir Eclectia.

The setting is the future, a struggling colony on an inhospitable planet. The colonists are divided among land, undersea, and space habitats, with deep divisions between a wealthy aristocracy, reclusive scientists, rugged miners and hunters, and desperately poor scavengers who live on the margins of society. The colony’s history is foggy, and its future uncertain.

This is where you come in. The story of Avenir Eclectia is being created right now. Writers submit short stories of 150-400 words, give or take. These are snapshots in time, stand-alone vignettes, but these threads will begin to grow together and intertwine into a rich tapestry of the colony’s life.

Splashdown plans to integrate material from the Avenir Eclectia project into anthology collections and possibly novel-length spinoffs. If you’ve never written for publication, or are an established writer looking for a new opportunity or challenge, take a look. Submission guidelines are here. You can check out the project’s background, read current vignettes and subscribe to updates, and enjoy some cool artwork and music at the home page, http://www.avenireclectia.com.

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