More Daegu

Here are a few snapshots of my trip to Daegu, South Korea. It began raining two days after I arrived and hasn’t stopped yet, so my stock of photos to this point is much shorter than I’d hoped. I’ll make up for it later. I’m not a professional photographer, and I’m using a cellphone camera, so tailor your expectations accordingly.

These are from a meander around the downtown area. This isn’t my first trip to Korea, so there weren’t a lot of surprises, but it’s always nice to encounter an unusual piece of art or a dramatic cityscape, no matter where I travel. I tend not to take many direct photos of people on these trips, as it seems a bit rude, unless I’m invited to do so.

The sidewalks, crosswalks, and other pedestrian byways in the downtown area are wider than what I’ve previously experienced in Korea. Unfortunately, some of that sidewalk space is often co-opted for parking space, and I had to watch out for cars jumping the curb to grab an open slot.

I found this imposing fellow outside a bank building, but he seems to have some historical significance, perhaps to the region’s agricultural heritage. Daegu is especially famous for its apples, and many local buildings and businesses incorporate apples into their signs and logos.

There’s a lot of cool public art here, some pieces more comprehensible than others, but all very interesting and a nice diversion from all the storefronts and signage.

Daegu is full of very tall office and apartment buildings, part of the standard Korean technique of building vertically to overcome limits on space available to build horizontally. Neon and video effects are used liberally in decoration, and they look pretty cool.

Some things from home you just can’t escape, including Dunkin’ Donuts, adapted to the local tastes and textural preferences. Most of the donuts in the “well-being” section were made with tofu flour. It’s all good–I’ve found Koreans have a real knack for pastry, whether franchised or homemade.


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