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This week, I’ve been catching up with a variety of proofreading and critiquing commitments stacked in my inbox. In-between those, I skimmed through some blogs on my reading list I haven’t perused for a while, as well as a couple more I linked into from Facebook, Twitter, etc. I found a couple of interesting discussions and some other nifty items.

1. Mike Duran is “Counting Cusswords” in a post about profanity in Christian culture and literature on his blog, deCompose. I pondered the topic myself a couple of years ago.

2. The folks at Speculative Faith are debunking the latest incarnation of the old canard accusing C.S. Lewis of universalism, the idea that Hell is a myth or metaphor, and everyone will ultimately spend eternity in Heaven. It’s a three-part series–start here.

3. Michael Yon, freelance war reporter and photographer, has posted a breathtaking set of pictures taken along the Thailand/Burma(Myanmar) border, including many of the Karen people displaced by the autocratic Burmese government.

4. Totally hot! Here’s a link to NASA video and photos of the X-Class solar flare that erupted on Valentine’s Day. Coincidence? I think not!


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