Scribbler’s Scoreboard, January ’11

Started off the year with a flurry of submissions, and plunged into editing/rewrite of my first draft of The Seer, sequel to my novel, The Muse. As it usually goes with the submissions, there were more rejections than sales, but two sales versus four submissions isn’t bad, and one sale (a reprint of “A Quiet Afternoon…”) was unsolicited. It feels good when somebody asks to publish one of my stories without any groveling from me.  Three of the four submissions are new stories. “Come You Back to Mandalay” appeared previously in Allegory.

The January Scoreboard

12 Jan: “Old Wheezy” submitted to Residential Aliens

12 Jan: “The Odor From Outer Space” submitted to Every Day Fiction

13 Jan: 1-day acceptance from Residential Aliens for “Old Wheezy” (plus a reprint of “A Quiet Afternoon at the Alabaster County Ladies Sewing Circle and Patchwork Society”)

17 Jan: 39-day rejection from The Drabblecast for “Pica”

19 Jan: “Pica” submitted to Necrotic Tissue

28 Jan: “Come You Back to Mandalay” submitted to Wily Writers

29 Jan: 10-day rejection from Necrotic Tissue for “Pica”

31 Jan: 19-day rejection from Every Day Fiction for “The Odor From Outer Space”

Still waiting for response from SF Reader Short Story Contest for “The Island”


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