Book Signing – Afterword

To my great relief, yesterday’s book signing for The Muse at College Church of the Nazarene in Olathe went pretty well.

Why was I tense? Well, this was my first signing event for this book, so I was sailing into uncharted waters. I participated in a release party last year for The Best of Every Day Fiction Two, which contained one of my short stories, but that was a whole different animal. I was one among several authors, publishers, and support staff connected to the anthology, and the crowd was used to this sort of thing.

The Muse, on the other hand, is a bit out-of-the-box for a fairly conservative congregation of folks perhaps more accustomed to seeing inspirational memoirs and self-help books offered in the foyer. I was on my own, front and center, vaguely wondering if I’d soon be expelled from the temple like the animal vendors and moneychangers Jesus routed back in the day.

Not to worry. Everyone was very encouraging and welcoming. I wasn’t totally alone–Rev. Neil Weisman was at an adjoining table with his more spiritually-substantial book, Agape Awakening. He gave me one of his books, and I gave him one of mine. I made some new friends (in a congregation of 2000+, you never get to know everybody), had a chance to chat about my book, and even sold a few copies. Some Kindle users promised to buy the electronic version, too. It was a fun day. Many thanks to Executive Pastor Daniel Vanderpool, who invited me to bring my book to church.

Here are some pictures:

My display table
“Hmm. Maybe I should rearrange things again.”
One of the many nice folks who stopped to inquire.

The alert observer may notice a different cover image on the poster. Publisher Grace Bridges and I decided to do a limited press run with a more reflective shot of our model (intrepid New Zealander and avid mountain biker Andrew Francis) than our original, and everybody here seemed to like it very much. It’s an example of the flexibility and agility a small independent publisher can employ. Thanks again, Grace.


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