January CSFF Blog Tour Day 3: The Wolf of Tebron, by C.S. Lakin

It’s Day 3 of our January Tour of C.S. Lakin’s The Wolf of Tebron. I was half-joking about starting an argument on Day 1, but this book has definitely stirred up some spirited conversation among our intrepid bloggers.

Opinions on this wolf also vary.

An Acquired Taste – Not everybody found The Wolf of Tebron to their liking. Some folks didn’t care for the fairy tale flavor, some didn’t enjoy the allegorical aspect of the story, and others thought it simply moved a little too slowly for their taste. Other people liked it just fine and enjoyed both the fairy tale and the spiritual/philosophical references. When you begin writing for public consumption, you learn very quickly that not everybody likes your stuff, and some people will hate it with a passion normally reserved for Microsoft Customer Service or members of the opposing political party. The quality of the story most often has no relationship to the emotional reaction, so, press on, Ms. Lakin, press on.

I think it's a candy mint.

It’s a Breath Mint! No, It’s a Candy Mint! – There was a lot of discussion and disagreement about whether The Wolf of Tebron is a fairy tale, or not, and if not, what exactly it might be. As I noted yesterday, the textbook definitions of “fairy tale” are the subject of much scholarly debate. It feels like a fairy tale to me, and I applaud Ms. Lakin for devoting her talent to the preservation and promotion of this literary form.

Don’t Confuse Me With Facts – Those of us who attempted to plumb the allegory in this story quickly found ourselves in deep water aboard a leaky canoe. Some found it illuminating, some found it irritating, some despaired altogether of understanding it and dismissed the nagging, analytical schoolmarm in their minds, finding themselves in a very enjoyable story. I thought Rachel Starr Thomson’s and Shannon McDermott’s Day 3 posts provided some very reasoned, sensible commentary on the issue of allegory in The Wolf of Tebron.

That’s all I’ve got. Come back next month, when we’ll turn the wolves loose on review Dragons of the Valley, by Donita K. Paul.

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3 thoughts on “January CSFF Blog Tour Day 3: The Wolf of Tebron, by C.S. Lakin

  1. Just read all three of your posts–and, as always, enjoyed them! The story does indeed “feel like a fairy tale,” so I don’t mind Ms. Lakin’s adopting the label. And thanks for the link and comment on my thoughts.

  2. I’ve just finished reading all 3 days’ worth of posts (running behind as usual!). I enjoyed your posts, especially your last two and the discussions with them.

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