January Banner

New year, new month, new banner!

It’s January again, the dead of winter, so what would be more appropriate than the ICE train?

This is a shot of Deutsche Bahn’s Inter City Express (ICE), the fastest train in Germany, which connects all that country’s major cities at 175 mph, and serves more than 65,000 passengers each day. ICE also provides direct connections to other European countries, including Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

Though they’d never admit it in Stuttgart, the ICE, like all other trains passing through the Frederation, runs on subjective time, and looks pretty cool doing it.

For more info on the ICE, check out RailEurope’s website at http://www.raileurope.com/train-faq/european-trains/ice/index.html

and you can find the original image, and a more expansive view of the Frankfurt am Main airport train station at virtualtourist  http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/c8ec7/f773/

One thought on “January Banner

  1. I know those trains well, and that station…The cabins are really funky on the inside, too. Scariest experience: being woken by gruff German border guards in the middle of the night between Paris and Nuremberg.

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