Holiday Deals from Splashdown Books

A much better option than the underwear this guy's putting under the tree.

If you have a reader on your Christmas list with a taste for tales of imagination and adventure, Splashdown Books has some great choices.

The Muse

Order The Muse direct from Splashdown Books for $8.95 (price on Amazon and Barnes&Noble is $9.95, but you may qualify for free shipping., depending on the total amount of your order).


E-Book versions of The Muse and P.A. Baines’ Alpha Redemption are on sale for only $2.99, in all popular formats, including Kindle.

Caprice Hokstad’s The Duke’s Handmaid is available in E-Book for $4.99.

New Releases

New titles this year from Splashdown Books include:

Legendary Space Pilgrims, by Grace Bridges (young-adult scifi)

Alpha Redemption, by P.A. Baines (scifi)

Nor Iron Bars a Cage, by Caprice Hokstad (fantasy)

Tales of the Dim Knight, by Adam and Andrea Graham (scifi)

Contact Splashdown directly if you’d like a signed copy of any of their books, a option you won’t get from most mainstream publishers without paying an exorbitant fee.

UPDATE: Christian Review of Books is hosting an “online signing party” until December 7th that will hook you up with a signed copy of over 75 different books by Christian authors, including most of the Splashdown Books inventory (for some reason, they overlooked my novel, but I’ve already told you how to get a signed copy of that).


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