November Reading List

Shorter than usual this month, as my focus is on finishing the first draft of my second novel. Some good stuff, though.

Masters and Slayers, by Bryan Adams, which I’m far overdue to finish and review.

Infinite Space, Infinite God II, an anthology of Catholic-flavored speculative fiction edited by Rob and Karina Fabian.

The Charlatan’s Boy, by Jonathan Rogers, next month’s CSFF Blog Tour feature.

3 thoughts on “November Reading List

  1. Yay for novel writing! You go! I tend to be the obsessive sort, so I either write or read, but can seldom do both at the same time. Right now, family situations have called for me to do little of either. Instead, I’m channeling my inner June Cleaver. Which is HARD. I’m not the June Cleaver type. I’m more the embarrassing artisty type that the Cleavers and the rest of the neighborhood never talked about.

    I’m honored to be on your reading list for the month. You’ll love the stories. Lots of adventure in them. One of the contributors said it reminded him of the Asimov’s and Analogs of old. You’ll have to let me know if you agree.


  2. Well, that’s a very nice book you have there, Mrs. Cleaver. 🙂

    I’m about halfway through ISIG II and am enjoying it very much. It’s great to find stories from a couple of the universes I met in Leaps of Faith, and I see what you meant in the interview about them being more hero/character-focused.

    And, hey…snakes on a spaceship. ‘Nuff said.

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