October Banner

Okay, why are we lurking about the railroad crossing at midnight in October? We’re waiting for the Ghost Train, of course, and a terrifying spectre she is.

Well, not so much.

Our October banner features the Connecticut Valley’s White Train, popularly nicknamed the “Ghost Train.” It began service in 1891, and its unusual gold-trimmed white coaches, opulently furnished in mahogany, velvet, and silk, attracted plenty of attention at all hours of the day.

Like all trains transiting the Frederation, this one runs on subjective time, which was pretty much business-as-usual in 1891. People actually would hang out at the crossing just to watch this train go by.

The original image and lots more information about railroading in Connecticut, both real and model, is available at Conservacity: http://rightofmiddle.wordpress.com/2010/08/01/amatos-toy-and-hobby-70-years-in-middletown-a-look-at-a-mans-hobbies-and-some-history-of-railroading-in-ct/


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