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Scribbler’s Scoreboard, Oct ’10 — October 31, 2010

Scribbler’s Scoreboard, Oct ’10

Technology robs us of some great entertainment.

October was a little more eventful than I expected. Two sales, and about 20000 words written on my sequel to The Muse, tentatively titled, The Seer, which I will finish in November.

I heard that. Stop laughing! I will finish it! Or die trying!

The two story sales are “Promises,” a superhero romance scheduled to appear in the March issue of Big Pulp,  and “The Transfer,” a science-fiction flash that went to Every Day Fiction, publication date TBD.

The October Scoreboard

12 Oct: “The Transfer” submitted to Every Day Fiction

29 Oct: 17-day acceptance from Every Day Fiction for “The Transfer”

30 Oct: 57-day acceptance from Big Pulp for “Promises”

Still waiting on a response from Digital Dragon for “One”

Weekly Weimaraner, #5 — October 25, 2010

Weekly Weimaraner, #5

When Josie naps, she naps hard. She’s found a cozy spot in our laundry basket, which won’t fit her much longer.

Why my clothes smell like puppy breath.


I’ve also noticed a haunting resemblance to a certain famous canine. Coincidence? I think not!

Perhaps this celebrity is lurking in her family tree.
I Found a Cool Story the Other Day, #14 —

I Found a Cool Story the Other Day, #14

“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, looking like it’s far too few fish…

If you’re one of those folks who sits in the back pew at church and texts during the sermon (that’s right, buddy, I’m looking at you, because I would never do that), give a listen to this fresh and cool series of homilies podcast by Lutheran pastor, spec-fic writer, and all-around cultural raconteur, John W. Otte.

Homiletics can be fun, but you have to know how.

Rev. Otte uses the works of that understated literary genius Theodore Geisel, aka, Dr. Seuss, as a springboard, and the result is both entertaining and profound. From Green Eggs and Ham to Ten Apples Up on Top, we’re challenged to examine our assumptions about life a little more closely.

As Jesus demonstrated, all great sermons begin with a story, and all great stories provide a window into truth that is both timely and timeless. It’s a match made in heaven.

Here’s a link that will pull up all the podcasts in the series. Start with 26 September, and scroll your way up through the end of October.

And here’s a link to John’s always-worth-reading blog.


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