September CSFF Blog Tour Day 2: Venom and Song, by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Since I couldn’t read this month’s selection in time for the tour, I’ve reviewed the comments of those who did. A few observations:

You Can’t Tell the Players Without a Scorecard: Venom and Song continues with the large ensemble cast introduced in Curse of the Spider King. It’s a good thing in that you’ll probably find at least one hero or heroine you can identify with. It’s a bad thing in that it makes it tough for the reader to keep everybody straight.

Avengers, Assemble! Several folks noted that where Curse of the Spider King is about gathering the elvish fosterlings together, Venom and Song is about forging them into a cohesive team, a much more challenging task with lots of opportunity for dramatic conflict. Though this is a fantasy story, there are definitely echoes of iconic superhero teams such as the X-Men or the Teen Titans. We’re also reminded that powers (or talents, for us mere mortals) never come with instructions. Our heroes and heroines are still trying to figure out who they are and what they can do, which complicates the whole team building process.

The Foster Factor: I thought the issue of elvish children with human adoptive parents, introduced in Curse of the Spider King, was interesting, but unfortunately, it seems that Venom and Song missed an opportunity to delve into this aspect of the characters’ origins and its influence on them. It’s the whole nature versus nurture thing. Jeff Chapman found the handling of the human element within the story almost dismissive–everybody’s an elf now, so you can put all that namby-pamby human stuff behind you. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that harsh, but you get the idea.

Adrenalin Rush: This installment of the Berinfell Prophecies seems to be especially action-packed. Most of our tour bloggers enjoyed the extra slam-bang-zoom.

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4 thoughts on “September CSFF Blog Tour Day 2: Venom and Song, by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper

  1. Here you go again, Fred—brilliant assessment re. a book you haven’t read. I don’t know how you do it! Well, yes, I do. You do the research.

    Thanks so much for putting in the time and effort to contribute to the tour.

    Now I wonder if your own view of the book will be molded by what others are saying. Hmmmm. 😉


    1. Just cherry-picking the good stuff from our outstanding crew of bloggers, and there’s no shortage of it.

      I’m sure my perception of the book has already been somewhat skewed. Having read Jeff Chapman’s post, for example, it’s going to be hard to read without thinking about the connections to Earth and the nature vs. nurture issue.

      Oh, how many young, impressionable minds have we warped over the months of touring all these books? How many? I’ve become a cog in the soulless media propaganda machine!


      I think I’ll go look at LOLcats now.

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