Dog Daze

Still in Florida, still at work. We had a break in the action yesterday, which gave me a little extra time to check out “Dog Daze” at the Fort Walton Beach city park. When you get around 500 dog people and their four-legged friends in one place at one time, interesting things are bound to happen, and it made for a pleasant  couple of hours strolling among vendor booths full of exotic doggy treats, college-themed bandannas, spa treatments, and information on the various pet rescue shelters in the local area.

Of course, it was enough just to watch the dogs. There were Chihuahuas, Great Danes, and everything in-between. Some photos:

The watering station was very popular.
Costumes added to the festive atmosphere.
Some patrons sported colors not found in nature.
Everybody wanted a picture with Gulf Coast Santa.
Had to include a Weimaraner shot. Just because.

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