Traveling Man Update, September 2010

About three-fourths of the way through my latest work trip, so it’s time to score it against my list of things that consistently go wrong when I’m on the road:

1. No vehicle failures or appliance breakdowns this time, but one of my cars needs new tires, so this is waiting like a coiled rattlesnake to bite me upon my return. (0.5)

2. Internet connectivity’s been good, except for the usual annoying Holiday Inn pop-up windows every fifteen minutes, which aren’t even worth a point anymore. (0)

3. A minor mislaid receipt bloomed into something larger yesterday when something we ordered three months ago arrived with only part of the promised contents (0.5)

4. Didn’t forget to bring anything important, except a can opener, which was easily remedied at the local Dollar Store. (0)

5. No problems with the corporate travel card, still loving Chase vs. Amex. (0)

6. My Lovely Wife (LW) had some tummy trouble this week, but she’s doing much better now. I made the mistake of eating not one, but two sardine sandwiches last week, which led to one very unpleasant evening. Won’t do that again. The Darling Daughter (DD) is nursing an ankle sprain from cross-country practice, but that happened before I left, so it doesn’t count. (0.5)

7. Work hassles for the LW are mostly happening to other people, as she’s been blessed with a pretty good class of munchkins this year. (0)

8. Josie, the Weekly Weimaraner, is working through some pet-shop giardia and getting the last of her puppy shots. Ick, and $Cha-ching$ (1)

9. No house breakdowns (fingers crossed). (0)

10. No BF/GF/BFF drama, but some major drama of other sorts that I’m tossing into this category. For my Christian friends & family who read this blog, prayers for wisdom and patience would be welcome. (3)

11. The weather has been consistently too-good-to-be-true, the sort of Florida weather you expect from the Travel Channel. (0)

So, final score is 5.5 out of 11, where 0 is living large and 11 is living on the edge.  Meh. About average.


3 thoughts on “Traveling Man Update, September 2010

  1. The Panhandle is nice. The weather is very different there than it is here. Glad it’s nice for you!

    I’ve lived in FL my whole life and NEVER used the beach to it’s max potential. Hah. I’m so not a beach person. Contrary to popular belief, we Floridians are not all tan sun-worshipers. Or blonde. Some of us are pale brunettes who stay inside far too much.

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