Weekly Weimaraner #1

New recurring feature! I’ll be posting a weekly snapshot of our Weimaraner pup, Josie, along with some random commentary.

Why? Because she’s so doggone cute.

Here we have a rare non-action shot of Josie, bagging a few zzzz’s. Note the ample feet and legs, which we’re told she’ll grow into. Eek. She prefers to sleep draped over a convenient human, but if the mood hits her, she’ll drop wherever it’s convenient.

Ah, the blissful repose of the innocent. As if.


One thought on “Weekly Weimaraner #1

  1. AAWWWWW!!!!! We want a weimaraner! They are SOOOOOO cute :). Can’t get one right now, with two big dogs already, but we know they’re days aren’t long (both of them have already lived past the life expectancy for their breeds), and we’ve talked about getting a weimaraner next. And another boxer.

    Wow, look at those paws! You ain’t kiddin’–she’s got a lot of growing to do :).

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