Story Sale!

I found out last night that my short story, “The Flying House,” a steampunk-ish tale of a child prodigy, set in an alternate England, will appear in the April 2011 issue of Beyond Centauri. I was a little concerned about this one, as there aren’t too many young-adult markets for speculative fiction, but I like this story, and I’m glad it’s found a good home. Beyond Centauri is a quarterly print magazine, and another of my stories was published there in April 2009, a modern fantasy called “Our Lady of Chagrin.” (issue 24, still available – if you follow the link, you’ll need to scroll down the page a bit)

This picture inspired the story. It was provided as a trigger for a contest sponsored by The Wayfarers Journal (site no longer active) last year. I never actually entered the contest–I began writing the story, wasn’t satisfied with it, and put it on the shelf. As it turned out, the story was better for having rested a bit. I returned to it earlier this year and worked it into something fun and adventurous that I was very happy with by the time I was finished.


2 thoughts on “Story Sale!

  1. Thanks, Milo.

    They cut your story for bullying? I guess I can understand them wanting to keep the ‘zine’s mood upbeat, but if you’re talking about school-age kids, particularly in a school setting, bullying in some form is going to come up in the conversation.

    I guess my story contains bullying in a way…there’s an oppressive State government that has “plans” for my hero, but I keep them off-stage.

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