What’s Going On, 9/13/2010

1. The Week in Review: Spent some time catching up on my backlog of book reviews this week. Two out the door and on the street–my review of Zero Gravity is posted at the ResAliens Blog, and my review of Shine is right here…just scroll down the page a bit. Coming soon, reviews of Bryan Davis’ Masters and Slayers, and Paul Baines’ Alpha Redemption.

2. Many Thanks: To Casey Herringshaw and all the folks who visited her aptly-named Operation Encourage an Author last week to share some virtual words of encouragement and support with me. A very bright spot in a week that was both busy and challenging in my personal life. We had enough visitors for a giveaway, and Lisa Collins won a free signed copy of The Muse!

3. Awards & Such: Though it didn’t win the Clive Staples Award, The Muse is still in the running for the Carol Award, to be presented next week at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference.

One of my writing friends from Liberty Hall, Justin Williams, presented me with the “Versatile Blogger Award” last week, which is technically more of a meme than an actual award, but I greatly appreciate the sentiment behind it, and am delighted that Justin thought of me. Anyhow, as part of receiving this award, I’m obligated to do a few things–more on that tomorrow.

4. Scribblings: As I planned, I’m making a lot of headway on a novel project during my work trip, but not on the book I expected to be my focus. The good news is that it’s the sequel to The Muse. Earlier this year, I drafted about half of a story I thought would be the sequel, but discovered that another story needed to happen first. So, once I finish the second book, I’m already halfway to the third.

The story I meant to work on, a science fiction adventure, is also about halfway done, but I’m still wrestling with some plot threads, and it’s not as time-urgent as putting out a sequel to The Muse. Besides, sometimes you just need to go where the inspiration takes you.


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