What’s Going On, 9/3/10

1. Earthquake at Splashdown: No, not the 7.0 temblor that rocked NZ’s southern island, but a new release from Auckland-based Splashdown Books: Paul Baines’ Alpha Redemption, on sale now! If you’ve got a few minutes to spare today, stop by the online release party at http://tinychat.com/splashdown today, September 4, and chat with Paul, publisher Grace Bridges, and the rest of the Splashdown Books team. I’ll be there too. Start time is as follows, adjusted for time zones:
Europe 10 PM
US-Eastern 4 PM
US-Central 3 PM
US-Mountain 2 PM
US-Pacific 1 PM
NZ-8 AM Sunday, Sept 5


2. Yes, I am a Pushover: Another dog joined the family this week, as I was defenseless against the +3 Puppy Eyes of Doom attack employed by my daughter, my wife, and our new addition, Josie. Yes, this picture violates the Articles of Confrederation, but she’s so darn adorable. Besides, I’m the benevolent dictator around here and can break the rules whenever I want to. Nyaah. The little cutie wasted no time confirming that in Dog Math, 2 + 1 =5.  She’s keeping us very busy.

3. Boeing, Boeing: I’m off to sunny (hot, humid, rainy, and oily) Florida for another work trip next week. At least it will give me plenty of quiet, solitary time to write when I’m off shift, if the family separation blues don’t kill my motivation. I’ve got a novel draft within finishing range, so that’s my focus this time. Unfortunately, the trip prevents my attendance at the American Christian Fiction Writers convention in Indianapolis later this month, where my novel, The Muse, is a finalist for the Carol Award in the speculative fiction category.

4. The Chattering Class: My conversation with Jeff Gerke of Marcher Lord Press is online at WhereTheMapEnds, and I’ll be the featured next week at Casey Herringshaw’s Operation Encourage an Author, starting Sept 6. We’ll be talking about The Muse, my other writing projects, and answering any questions that folks care to ask.

5. Yes, I did write this week: Submitted a short story, and sent a sci-fi anthology review to Residential Aliens, where it will appear soon. Did some work on the aforementioned novel project I’ll be finishing in Florida.


5 thoughts on “What’s Going On, 9/3/10

  1. I saw your interview with Casey on “Operation Encourage an Author” and stopped by for a visit. I love Josie, your new addition. We use to have a Weim and loved him – she is a cutie! Sorry to hear you will be missing the conference due to being in Florida. Congratulations on “The Muse” being a finalist for the Carol Award. After reading about the book, it has piqued my interest and I would like to read it.

    1. Hi, Beverly! Thanks for stopping by.

      I was disappointed about the conference, but they’ll have my book available in the conference bookstore, and one of the editors at Splashdown Books will be there too.

      Josie is a real cuddler. I’m not sure how that’s going to work once she’s full grown. 🙂

      You can read the first chapter of The Muse at http://www.scribd.com/doc/18949981/TheMuseChapter1 The entire book will available as an e-book soon, but for now, it’s print only.


  2. Liked it! McMurphy’s a great character. My favorite lines:

    “You know, Jim, there’s an old proverb about not looking a gift horse in the mouth.”

    “I already did. He had my tattoo inside his lip.”

    A very well-written story that carried me along from start to finish.

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