September Banner

School’s back in session, so it’s time for another school-themed banner, or at least one tangentially connected to school. Our September feature is a spread of eight sharp-looking HO-scale diesel trains, parked in their roundabout, ready for action. They’re part of an annual model train show at Lyons Township High School in  La Grange, Illinois.

See, I told you there was a school connection.

This picture is from their 2007 show, and more shots of the event can be found at .

These trains, like all others gracing the rails of the Frederation, run on subjective time, which seems to pass a lot slower when you’re in school.


2 thoughts on “September Banner

  1. Nice, Fred. I got a kick out of your last comment. I’ve found — depending on what I’m doing, of course — that time can, indeed, be subjective. Even when you’ve graduated the “norm” and are in the school of life and sometimes hard knocks. LOL

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