Scribbler’s Scoreboard, August ’10

Dog days of summer again. Long, hot, and chock-full of real-life busy. Not much action on the writing front–worked a little on a couple of stories in progress, did an interview, and got a rejection. Waiting for results on the Clive Staples Award (last day to vote!) and the Carol Award nominations for my novel The Muse, winners to be announced in September. One story published: “Rubes” in Reflection’s Edge.

Next month is a long work trip and a full-court press to finish one of my pending novel projects (donning Rally Cap), so probably not much short story activity in September. Maybe a couple of re-subs, and I might finish those two stories in progress if I get a bolt of inspiration.

The August Scoreboard:

1 August – “Rubes” published in Reflection’s Edge

12 August – 27-day rejection from Every Day Fiction for “Old Wheezy”

31 August – Interview at WhereTheMapEnds

Still waiting on responses from Bull Spec for “Promises” and Beyond Centauri for “The Flying House”


4 thoughts on “Scribbler’s Scoreboard, August ’10

  1. I love that you post your scoreboard. “Rubes” was a cool story. And I’m praying for The Muse in both contests. I will ever think of it as the book that lifted my spirits on a really bummy day :).

  2. Dear Mr. Warren,

    I had fun reading your story “The Rubes” on Reflection’s Edge. I thought your settings vivid, and I liked the flashes of vibrancy from your characters–the wolf girl winking after she had been “cured” stands out as a nice bit of understatement on your part, and one which left me imagining where her life might go from there. The tensions in the story did not have a “life or death” weight to them, but still felt important and worthy of pursuit, and I enjoyed wondering my way through your story without worrying that anything horrible was going to happen to anyone. There were lots of nice touches in your story and it was a great way to relax while I ate my lunch.

    Thank you for posting it!

    Michael Garner

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