August CSFF Blog Tour, Day 2: Present

You should read science fiction. Your robot overlords agree.

Up until the last few years, I hadn’t read much Christian science fiction. Frankly, I wasn’t looking for it, and with a few exceptions, what I did stumble across didn’t impress me very much. The CSFF Blog Tour has introduced me to some very talented contemporary writers of Christian sci fi, and it’s exciting to find quality science fiction stories with a Christian worldview.

God’s written his signature in the stars, and stories that grapple with the incredible complexity and mystery of the universe and our place in it are a worthy use of an hour or three, reading. So, what do I like to see in Christian science fiction today?

Sorry, not quite right. Thanks for playing!

Creative speculation. I love to see people using the creative imagination God gave us to tell new, fresh stories. With all due respect to Jerry Jenkins, Hal Lindsey, Salem Kirban, and the many folks who love their books, if there’s only one acceptable narrative of the future, we can all stop this speculative fiction nonsense right now. We’re wasting our time. Might we be Raptured tomorrow, or in the next few years? Of course, and “even so, come Lord Jesus.” But what if we’re not? Nobody got the First Coming right–why should we be so arrogant as to think we’ve wired the Second Coming? Besides, we’re dealing in fiction here, not prophecy. There’s room to tell a redemptive story with speculative elements set in the future…or the past, or right now in another star system millions of miles away, because we don’t know everything about what has happened, is happening, or will happen here or elsewhere in the universe.

And God’s universe is a very big place indeed.

Left brain meets right brain

Character focus. I don’t care so much about the fancy starships or the mathematically-rigorous explanation of how a black hole works, though that’s cool when done well. I want to see human beings in an extraordinary situation wrestling with their shortcomings and encountering God in the process. People love Star Trek in part because once the futuristic trappings are removed, you’re left with some timeless stories about people. We can all relate to them, and they never get old. The God who “makes all things new” is also “the same, yesterday, today, and forever,” and His love for us transcends time, space, and technology. This Good News is another story that never gets old.


Wow factor. Take me somewhere I’ve never been before. Show me something I’ve never seen before. Make it marvelous. Fill my mind with the wonder of God’s creation and the majesty of his hand moving through the universe. Leave me feeling as if I’ve just touched the eternal.

Here are some good Christian sci-fi stories I’ve read lately:

Flashpoint, by Frank Creed

Faith Awakened, by Grace Bridges

The Enclave, by Karen Hancock

Offworld, by Robin Parrish

Alpha Redemption, by P.A. Baines

Here are some Christian sci-fi stories I plan to read soon:

Firebird, by Kathy Tyers

A Star Curiously Singing, by Kerry Nietz

When the Sky Fell, by Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr

Tomorrow, the future! But don’t go there without first checking out the other stops on this month’s Tour:

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10 thoughts on “August CSFF Blog Tour, Day 2: Present

  1. Nice blog today, I hadn’t read too many Christian science-fiction or fantasy books until a few years ago either. I wasn’t aware of what was available.

    This month’s blog tour is a big help.

  2. I loved The Enclave. Enjoyed Offworld, too. Want to read A Star Curiously Singing because the title is so beautiful :). Marcher Lord has a new one coming out–it’s called The Word Reclaimed, and it has space pirates and a very big universe as its setting. You might want to add that to your list!

    1. Kerry’s book has a lot of cool ideas…a future society of spacefaring Muslims, cyberpunk computer hacking, crazy robots…and I agree, the title rocks.

      Sigh…the list continues to grow, like The Blob.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post. And you’re right, it’s the characters that count. That is why the original Star Trek series will continue to remain more beloved by the fans than the movies and spin-off shows. The latter versions tended to focus more on dazzling us with special effects and techno-babble, while the original wrestled with issues that are at the core of our being. The same is typically true of those books that touch us deeply. Yes, being taken on a journey that stirs our imagination is always important, but it always comes down to the characters.


    P.S. I would love to hear what you think of When the Sky Fell when you finally have a chance to read it.

    1. Thanks, Mike.

      Man, there’s a lot of good space opera coming from Christian authors these days, and I’m enjoying it very much. I’ll be blogging a review of your book once I’ve read it (soon!).


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