New from Splashdown Books: Alpha Redemption

Splashdown Books, publisher of my novel, The Muse, has had a very busy year, adding four authors and four new books, with one more book coming in November. Not bad for a small independent press that’s only two years old.

The latest offering is P.A. Baines‘ science fiction novel, Alpha Redemption. The first near-lightspeed spaceship is accelerating toward Alpha Centauri, guided by an artificial intelligence and carrying a single passenger. Brett has volunteered for what may well be a one-way mission, trying to restore some shred of meaning to his shattered life.  The AI, “Jay,”  mimics a human mind and personality–it’s designed to learn, and has the potential to surpass its programming. Someone is waiting for them in the darkness of space, and the encounter will change both Brett and Jay forever.

It’s a thoughtful, emotional story, full of wonder and mystery. I read one of the final drafts and was very impressed. I’ll have more by way of a review in a couple of weeks, but for now, you can learn more about Alpha Redemption and P.A. Baines at the Splashdown Books website, along with the other fine titles offered there, including:

The Muse, my tale of a struggling writer who discovers inspiration both divine and diabolical as he fights an ancient enemy on the battlefield of his imagination.

Faith Awakened, a story of two young women connected across space and time on a dying world, by Grace Bridges.

The Duke’s Handmaid, Caprice Hokstad’s novel of romance and courtly intrigue set in an alien world marred by violence and slavery.

Legendary Space Pilgrims, a young-adult story from Grace Bridges–two adventurers flee an authoritarian society governed by mind control and discover a destiny beyond their dreams.

Coming in November, Adam and Andrea Graham’s Tales of the Dim Knight offers a lighthearted tale about the adventures and misadventures of an unlikely superhero gifted with alien powers.


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