August Reading List

Long, hot summer days should mean plenty of time for reading, right?

Wrong. This is probably the busiest month of the year in my household, as everybody is getting ready to go back to school while tearing around east Kansas trying to squeeze the last few succulent drops of summer vacation sweetness from the dry husk of August. As for me, I’m snowed under at work finishing up the planning for the next round of Army training exercises and getting my own familiarization training on our new simulators.

And yet, the stack ‘o books beckons.  Three new stories with review obligations have jumped to the top of the list, while a couple of long time residents once again get pushed to the end of the line.

Masters and Slayers, by Bryan Davis (debuting September 2010).

Zero Gravity: Adventures in Deep Space, a sci-fi anthology, edited by Alva J. Roberts

Alpha Redemption, by P.A. Baines (sci-fi, debuting later this year from Splashdown Books)

Shine, an anthology of positive spec-fic, edited by Jetse DeVries

Darwin’s Radio, by Greg Bear (even more sci-fi)


2 thoughts on “August Reading List

  1. The “dry husk of August” is spot on. I grew up in Kansas so I know exactly what you mean. Sounds like you have plenty to read. Have you heard what we’re doing for the August CSFF blog tour or are we taking the month off?

  2. Yeah, I left home for few days on a business trip, returned to a brown lawn.

    The last thing I heard from Becky was that she had an “idea.” I haven’t heard anything else. I guess whatever it is should be happening next week. I’ll check with her if she hasn’t sent anything out by Friday.

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