August Banner

Since I have a story coming out this month that features a circus train, I thought it might be nice to put one on the banner. The Benzini Brothers Circus was spotted traveling the rails just outside Fillmore, California by a pair of intrepid photographers.

Never heard of the Benzini Brothers Circus? Well, that’s not surprising, because it isn’t a real circus. This train is part of the set for the upcoming movie, Water for Elephants, based on a novel by Sara Gruen.

My short story, “Rubes,” is set a little earlier than Ms. Gruen’s Depression-era film, but you get the idea. More photos of the train and other sneak peeks from the movie can be found here and  here.

The Benzini Brothers train, like all other trains featured on this site, runs on subjective time, which is easier in a movie because you can always run the film forwards or backwards to get exactly where you want to be when you want to be there.

“Rubes” is now part of my short story collection, Odd Little Miracles, published by Splashdown Books.


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