Scribbler’s Scoreboard, July ’10

July was busier than I expected, with a couple of award nominations for The Muse, a flurry of short story submissions, and a sale!

The Muse, my tale of a frustrated writer searching for inspiration who gets a whole lot more than he expected, is a nominee for the Clive Staples Award for Christian Speculative Fiction (voting starts in August!) and one of six finalists in the speculative category for the American Christian Fiction Writers’ annual Carol Award for excellence in Christian Fiction.  There are some great stories in both groups, and I’m honored to have my work numbered with them.

“Rubes,” my short story about a broken-down traveling circus that finds something unexpected  in an obscure corner of the Kansas prairie, will appear online in the August issue of Reflection’s Edge, an e-zine of science fiction and fantasy.

Publication date for Residential Aliens second annual anthology, While the Morning Stars Sing,  has been pushed back to September, but it’s worth waiting for! It includes my story of magic and friendship in the Georgia backwoods, “Mound of Mud.”

The July Scoreboard:

9 July: 36-day rejection from Electric Velocipede for “Rubes”

14 July: “Rubes” submitted to Reflection’s Edge and NewMyths

16 July: “Old Wheezy” submitted to Every Day Fiction

23 July: 9-day acceptance from Reflection’s Edge for “Rubes”

26 July: “Stress Reaction” submitted to Anywhere But Earth anthology

Still waiting on responses from Bull Spec for “Promises” and Beyond Centauri for “The Flying House”


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