Story Sale!

Got a nice note yesterday from Ms. Sharon Dodge, editor of the e-zine Reflection’s Edge–they’ll be publishing my short story, “Rubes,” the tale of a broken-down traveling circus that encounters something very odd in a desolate patch of Kansas prairie. Publication date is yet to be determined, probably in a couple of months or so.


10 thoughts on “Story Sale!

  1. Congrats! They’ve rejected three of my submissions in the past month, but I’m glad to see yours made it through their screening process. I look forward to reading “Rubes” — calls to mind the HBO series “Carnivale”, cancelled long before its time.

    1. Thanks, Milo. I only saw Carnivale a couple of times, but it looked pretty cool. I like circuses with a spooky edge to them, and Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes is one of my favorite stories. Rubes is a more lighthearted story, but there’s an eerie little mystery at the heart of it.

    1. Well, there is a witch, of sorts, and she does wear a hat. No scarecrows or tin men, but there’s a wheat field and an iron horse. No lions, two tigers. : )

    1. Thanks, Jeff. It’s something I doubt you’ll find in any of the history books, but I like to think it could have happened. The idea began with a drive down I-70 between Topeka and Manhattan, looking at the rolling hills on either side of the seemingly endless strip of highway and wondering what might lie beyond.

  2. Let’s see: a witch of sorts with a hat, 2 tigers and a wheat field, and an iron horse which has to be a train.

    Okay, the circus train (complete with tigers) breaks down or is stopped by the “witch” in the middle of a wheat field. Giddiness and or scary weirdness insues.

    Sounds great, so far!

    1. Ah…not quite, Sherry, but thanks for playing! As a consolation prize, here’s a free ticket to see the circus when it pulls into Reflection’s Edge. Small additional charge for cotton candy and elephant rides.

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