Assorted Notes

I’m having trouble coming up with a coherent theme for this entry, so let’s just toss everything out there and see what happens.

1.There was something of a breakthrough in Christian fiction at the Christy Awards this year, as Jill Williamson’s By Darkness Hid (reviewed here and here), won in the Visionary category. Her book was published by Marcher Lord Press, a small independent publisher employing a Print on Demand model, and was the only nominee in the entire competition not issued by a major Christian press. Congratulations to Jill and MLP founder and Executive Editor, Jeff Gerke.

2. A couple more award opportunities for Christian fiction are coming up later this year. Voting opens in August for the Clive Staples Award, a “readers’ choice” award for Christian speculative fiction. Rebecca Miller will provide a brief introduction to each of the nominated books throughout the month of July. A complete list of nominees is here. My own novel, The Muse, is on the list, so if you’ve read it and think it’s worthy, please drop a vote in the bucket. The Inspys, a new bloggers’ award for “excellence in faith-driven literature,” is now accepting nominations. Winners will be announced December 13. A nomination form and guidelines are here.

3. Splashdown Books has revamped their website and it looks pretty cool. Drop by and check out the new additions–five more up-and-coming authors and two new books!

4. This has nothing to do with writing, but does anybody else watch Whale Wars and find themselves rooting for the Japanese whalers? Just wondering. Before Greenpeace kicked him to the curb in 1977 for his violent tactics, Paul Watson, the intrepid captain of the Steve Irwin, was the foremost advocate of “spiking” trees, an eco-terrorist technique designed to catastrophically damage chainsaws and mill saw blades that has severely injured loggers on multiple occasions. The linked article on tree spiking provides a little more insight into his character and priorities, in his own words. Love that little badge he wears.

5. My stepmom sent me a set of cassette tapes this week, a collection of radio show recordings from the days when my dad pastored a little church in central California. He passed away in 1982, so it’s been about 28 years since I’ve heard his voice. I spent a lot of time growing up listening to him preach (in church, not at me), and it was good to hear him again. His voice didn’t sound quite as deep as I’d remembered. It’s funny how memory shifts and rearranges itself over the years. Another good reason to write things down.

6. No big plans for the 4th of July, especially with the ladies out of town. Most of the surrounding communities have lavish fireworks displays scheduled, so I might just find a nice patch of high ground, set up my lawn chair, and enjoy the show.


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