July Banner

In honor of Independence Day, our July banner features a train from Uncle Sam’s very own passenger rail service, Amtrak. This one is the Empire Builder, traveling between Chicago and Seattle, including a jaunt through Glacier National Park. It’s Amtrak’s most popular overnight train–with scenery like this, it’s easy to understand why.

Like every train appearing here, the Empire Builder runs on subjective time, despite transiting three time zones along its route.

The original image can be found in the March 2008 issue of  Western Montana InBusiness Monthly.


2 thoughts on “July Banner

  1. I’ve taken the Coast Starlight a few times, myself, and rather enjoyed it. However, my trip was from Seattle to San Jose, so I missed out on all the wonderful coastal California view. Some day, I intend to go from SF to LA, via this route, just to get the view that you can only get from there.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  2. Ironically, as much as I love trains, I’ve never taken a trip longer than 3 hours on one, and that was the Shinkansen in Japan, which felt a lot like an airplane ride. Ah, well, someday. I have driven the Pacific Coast Highway, and the scenery is spectacular. Thanks for stopping by!

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