Scribbler’s Scoreboard, June ’10

June was a pretty good month, all things considered. Three stories published: “An Eternal, Unbroken Chain” appeared in Digital Dragon‘s 1-year anniversary issue, “The Time-Share” was republished at Wily Writers Speculative Fiction in both text and podcast, and “Bullies With Big Fat Heads” debuted at Every Day Fiction. I also got back aboard the submission train (subway?), sending out four stories. One rejection, but of course, these things happen. A lot.

I really need to knuckle down on the works-in-progress next month. Two novel projects and a half-finished short story await my attention, and I’ve got another short story mapped out in my head that I need to put onto paper, or digits, or whatever. It’s a sad tale about poor, naive souls who think the faery folk are enchanting little woodland sprites, but discover otherwise.

I seem to be doing more darkish stuff lately. Maybe it’s the heat–or the humidity.

In goodly news for next month, “Mound of Mud,” a story about friendship and magic in the Georgia backwoods, will appear in Residential Aliens‘ second print anthology, “While The Morning Stars Sing.” ResAliens recently republished Issue 1 of its bimonthly print magazine as an Acrobat PDF, featuring “Of All Things, Seen and Unseen,” my foray into Karina Fabian’s near-space search-and-rescue world of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Rescue. It only costs a buck, so skip that bottle of diet soda and get yourself some good reading material!

ResAliens will soon be delivering a new collection of short stories as an iPhone app, which will include my story, “A Quiet Afternoon at the Alabaster County Ladies’ Sewing Circle and Patchwork Society.” For those of us not yet ready to drink Steve Jobs’ kool-aid, I’m told the package will also be available as a PDF file, which should accommodate any and all electronic reading platforms.

Onward to the June Scoreboard:

2 June: “Promises” submitted to Bull Spec

3 June: “Rubes” submitted to Electric Velocipede

18 June: “Old Wheezy” submitted to Daily Science Fiction

24 June: “The Flying House” submitted to Beyond Centauri

26 June: 8-day rejection from Daily Science Fiction for “Old Wheezy”


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