Road Trip, In Reverse

I’m usually the one gallivanting off to points obscure and unknown, but two days ago, my lovely wife (LW) said enough was enough, jumped in the car, and took my darling daughter (DD) to California with her.

Not the car they drove.

It’s all good. Most of the LW’s family resides in the Golden State–all the brothers, sisters and cousins that she reckons up by dozens, and her aunts–and it’s been too long since she last had a proper visit. This also gives the DD some much-needed experience behind the wheel beyond Greater Metropolitan Kansas City.

It’s about 24 hours on the road from our house to Grandma’s, with not a lot of rivers or woods in-between. They arrived late last night, after stopping midway in Albuquerque, NM and taking a couple of hours to check out Petrified Forest National Park. They said it rocks.

The Petrified Forest, not Albuquerque.

Our house is quiet. Too quiet.

So, what will I do while the distaff members of the household are enjoying humidity-free sunshine, rollercoasters, primo Mexican cuisine, and high-fashion (window, please, just window) shopping?

Not necessarily in this order:

1. Write.

2. Attack my neverending list of home maintenance projects.

3. Keep our two Alpo converters and Mr. Collegiate v2 topped-off.

4. Master the finer points of Wii Sports Resort.

5. Oh, yeah…go to work. Still need that day job.

Just a touch more backspin on the ol' jump shot...

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