June CSFF Blog Tour Day 3: Imaginary Jesus, by Matt Mikalatos

Day 3 already? Seems like we just got started talking about Matt Mikalatos’ book, Imaginary Jesus. As usual, there were lots of great posts from our Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy bloggers.

Why So Serious? Many of us dug down deep into the serious spiritual themes underlying Matt’s very humorous story. As the folks on the Tour know by now, I’ll take any opportunity to goof on the monthly feature, but I felt with this story,  that would have been like spreading frosting on peanut brittle. Anyhow, you can find particularly thoughtful discourse from D.G.D. Davidson and John W. Otte (“Least-Read Blog on the Web?” Not even in Portland!)

You Can’t Tell the Players Without a Scorecard: Kristi Kercher provides a rundown of her favorite Imaginary Jesuses, and Steve Trower returns with his list of classic tunes that connect to this month’s book. It’s a little frightening how many Imaginary Jesuses are represented on Steve’s playlist.

And the Nominees for Best Supporting Actor Are… Imaginary Jesus is chock-full of fun characters who pop unexpectedly in and out of the story. Jason Joyner reminds us not to forget the Frog of Hate, Houdini Dog, and The President of the United States. Rachel Starr Thompson mentions the Mormon Missionaries (Elder Laurel and Elder Hardy) and the Atheist Bible Study, while noting that this story is best enjoyed when not mistaken for a theological treatise. Frankly, if you’re approaching Imaginary Jesus as a reference on Christology, you need to spend some quality time with Daisy the Talking Donkey.

“You Got Your Story in My Life!”  “No, You Got My Life in Your Story!” Imaginary Jesus resonated strongly with Tori Greene, who shares a moving, personal story that had her asking some of the same questions Matt did. This month’s selection got so far inside Keenan Brand’s head, he dreamed about it, discovering a few more Imaginary Jesuses in the process and demonstrating that real life is indeed stranger than fiction.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Come back next month, when we’ll review Bryan Davis’ young adult fantasy, Starlighter, in which we discover dragons are kidnapping humans for slave labor. Hmm. Perhaps the scaly beasts lack opposable thumbs…

Purchase Imaginary Jesushttp://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1414335636/
Author blog – http://mikalatos.blogspot.com/
Author Web site – http://imaginaryjesus.com/

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