Scribbler’s Scoreboard, May ’10

Time to recap last month’s writing effort, or lack thereof. I’m still playing catch-up from the last round of work trips, but I should have a good rally in June, barring any unforeseen emergencies. For May, no subs, two stories accepted, three rejections, one publication. One of the rejections was actually a blessing in disguise, as I did some rewrite on the story in the interim, and I think it’s a lot stronger now than when I originally submitted it.

There’s another story that may be reprinting soon as part of an iPhone app, more details on that as they solidify.

Finally, three or four stories are up for publication this month, two reprints (one a podcast!) and two new ones. Details below.

The May Scoreboard:

1 May: “Come You Back to Mandalay” debuted in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Allegory.

2 May: 16-day rejection from Brain Harvest for “Redemption”

13 May: 81-day acceptance from Every Day Fiction for “Bullies With Big Fat Heads”

18 May: 54-day acceptance from Digital Dragon for “An Eternal, Unbroken Chain”

23 May: 42-day rejection from Space Squid for “The Odor From Outer Space”

31 May: 114-day rejection from Alternative Coordinates for “Promises”

“The Time Share” will appear at Wily Writers Speculative Fiction in June 2010 (text and podcast).

“Mound of Mud” will appear in While the Morning Stars Sing in June 2010 (or maybe July, or August–publication schedule flexible).

“An Eternal, Unbroken Chain” will appear in Digital Dragon in June 2010.

“Bullies With Big Fat Heads” will appear at Every Day Fiction on 29 June 2010.


2 thoughts on “Scribbler’s Scoreboard, May ’10

  1. That’s not a bad idea to track your progress. We had a thread going for awhile on The Writers Chat Room where we did that, and it helped me. We didn’t do it this year, and I must admit, I feel more sluggish, although if I were to write everything down, it probably looks like more than I feel it is.

    I admire how much you send out. That’s my one weakness.


  2. Thanks, Karina. Yeah, it helps keep me focused and accountable to my goals. One thing I hadn’t fully appreciated before I began writing seriously was how important patience and persistence are, both in the writing and in the effort to publish. For every hit, there are a whole lot of misses.

    I think you’re doing great. Your projects are a lot more substantial than mine, and there’s so much variety–novels, devotionals, anthologies, calendars, newsletters, stories. I’m mostly focused on short stories, and they don’t require a huge time investment to produce and sub around.

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