The To-Do List

Back home after a month-and-a-half of work travel–time to check out the ol’ writing to-do list.

I also had a sizable “honey-do” list waiting for me at home, but that’s another story for another day.

Short stories: My submissions queue is almost empty again. I need to tweak a couple of stories for re-submission and write a couple more that have been percolating in my head this past month.  Had a brainstorm on one of my partially-finished stories that broke a logjam there, but I have to get it on paper. I also need to check out anthology solicitations for possible submissions later this year.

Novels: Pitiful. I’ve stalled on both my works-in-progress, need to buckle down and get them finished.

Book Reviews: I owe Karina Fabian a review of her devotional, Why God Matters, for its blog tour next month, and I also have copies of Sherry Thompson’s Earthbow and Caprice Hokstad’s The Duke’s Handmaid that I need to read and review. Fortunately, I’m a month ahead on the CSFF Blog Tour, having finished Matt Mikalatos’ Imaginary Jesus on the plane ride home last week. That’s gonna be a fun review.

Conventions: There’s a pretty good SF&F convention right in my backyard, ConQuesT, that runs through Memorial Day weekend. I’ve managed to miss it every year since I moved here, maybe I can make it this year. Michael Swanwick is the headliner. It’d make for a couple of interesting blog posts, if nothing else.


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