May CSFF Blog Tour, Day 3: By Darkness Hid, by Jill Williamson

Day 3! Time to venture out from the murky darkness of my own imagination into the sunny realm lit by the insights of my fellow CSFF Blog Tour-ers.

But first, a confession.

Oh, So it’s THAT Jill Williamson: Okay, this is really embarrassing. I finally figured out that this month’s author is the same Jill Williamson who is a regular participant on the CSFF Blog Tour via The Novel Teen Book Review Blog.


Which is (moving right along) a nice segue into a mention of her official author website, which bears a very attractive banner image reflective of By Darkness Hid. There’s a ton of cool stuff linked there, including more information about Jill and her writing, an invitation to sign up for her e-zine, discussion questions, writing tips, and a nifty interactive map of Er’Rets. Check it out!

Search your feelings...

“Luke, I Am Your Father” (not!): R.L. Copple enjoyed By Darkness Hid and offers a thoughtful review that highlights both strengths and weaknesses he saw in the story. There’s a revelation near the end that he had some trouble with, and I agree that it was one aspect of the story that gave me pause, though it didn’t interfere with my enjoyment. Rather than ruin the story with a gratuitous spoiler, we’ve both declined to go into detail. We may not even be talking about the same thing, for all I know. If you’re curious, contact me via e-mail at sffwarren <at>, and I’ll be happy to discuss it at length. I’m sure Mr. Copple will do likewise.

Can I Quote You on That? Keven Newsome posts a great interview with Jill Williamson at The New Authors Fellowship, as does John W. Otte at The Least Read Blog On The Web (says who?), and KM Wilsher. Jill talks about some of the trials and tribulations of a budding writer, her writing influences, and how her book came to be published by Marcher Lord Press. KM’s interview also includes some very cool concept art Jill used as she was brainstorming her story!

You Gotta Do The Homework: Becky Jesse enjoyed the detail Jill wove into her story, and so did I. On the Acknowledgments page of her book, and on her website, Jill talks about some of the research she did in preparation for writing her story, including topics like medieval medicine (Vrell’s improvised bandages, for example, were not fiction), firecraft, swordfighting, cooking, and other aspects of daily life.

Well, that wraps up this month’s CSFF Blog Tour. Return next month for something completely different: Imaginary Jesus, by Matt Mikalatos. What’s that tantalizing aroma? Could be sacred cows on the grill…

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3 thoughts on “May CSFF Blog Tour, Day 3: By Darkness Hid, by Jill Williamson

  1. Yes, Fred, I’ll take personal email questions at rlcopple at gmail dot com if someone wants to know the issue I noticed. I couldn’t say what it was without doing a spoiler. So if you haven’t read it, don’t ask! 😀

    Nice wrap up, Fred. Overall, a very good book and highly recommended. (Right after you read mine, of course! lol.)

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