Story Sale! “Bullies With Big Fat Heads” to Every Day Fiction

I’m always happy when one of my stories goes to Every Day Fiction, one of the best online outlets for high-quality flash fiction, both literary and genre. It’s a great site to bookmark or subscribe to–you’ll get a story every day, 1000 words or less, that will go nicely with your morning cup of coffee or lunchtime PB&J. And it’s free.

I’m not sure where I got the idea for “Bullies With Big Fat Heads,” but I suspect it sprang from conversations about school with my wife and daughter. Unfortunately, if you spend any time at all talking about what goes on day-to-day at school, the topic of bullying will inevitably come up. In this case, we discover that bullying isn’t a uniquely human phenomenon, and First Contact may not be all sunshine and lollipops, even for kids.

Publication date is still to be determined, probably sometime in June or July. I’ll post an update when I know for sure.


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