Traveling Man Update, May 2010

About three-fourths of the way through my latest work trip, so it’s time to score it against my list of things that consistently go wrong when I’m on the road:

1. One partial vehicle failure, just before I left home. It’s still drivable, but will require immediate attention upon my return. (1)

2. Not only great internet connectivity on this trip, but connection throughput has allowed internet video without hangups/excessive buffering. Morale booster, as our hotel’s cable TV package stinks on ice. (-0.5)

3. No mislaid bills, birth certificates, auto registrations, etc. Hooray! (0)

4. Didn’t forget anything, at least anything important. (0)

5. Corporate travel card works a lot better since the company ditched American Express. No problems. (0)

6. I hardly dare say it, but nobody got sick this time. (0)

7. Oooh, this one’s ugly. Major budget cuts/re-organization in my wife’s school district. She’s fine, but some of her co-workers have been affected, and the overall atmosphere of uncertainty and conflicting information has been stressing. (2)

8. Geriatric dog seems to be doing better since we sheared off her winter coat. She’s having trouble with stairs, though. (1)

9. Ouch. Lost some shingles from the roof in the last hailstorm, contractor says there may be hail damage, insurance company is working the claim. Our air conditioner also isn’t pushing air through the ductwork. (2)

10. No romantic drama, and in fact, the boys’ young ladies seem to be having a rather positive impact on their behavior. (-0.5)

11. No tropical storm, but I think the oil slick off the Gulf Coast qualifies here. At least it hasn’t reached the Florida Panhandle beaches yet. (1)

Total Score: 6 out of 11. At 0, I’m feeling mighty fine,  and at 11, I’m feeling mighty low.  About average, can’t complain.


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