Coconut Wireless

I’m back in Florida for another work trip–the weather is pleasant, our lodgings are freshly-remodeled, and the Gulf of Mexico laps placidly against the white, sandy beach. Even my internet connection is working, a service that, during past visits, has more closely resembled the “coconut wireless” than wireless broadband.

It’s paradise, my friend.

Of course, I’m going to spend most of my time locked inside a windowless building staring at a computer monitor, and my family’s not here with me, but you can’t have everything, I suppose.

It should be a good opportunity for writing, especially as I’m on the night shift this time. My goal is to finish the first draft of one of my two partially-written novels. There’s also some reading to do. I’ve got a CSFF Blog Tour review of Jeffrey Overstreet’s Raven’s Ladder coming up next week, and I also need to finish Kenneth Keiser’s Black Moon’s Revenge, which has been languishing on my nightstand for about three months now.


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