The Muse Featured on Christian Fiction Review Blog

It’s always nice to get feedback on something I’ve written. This month, on the Christian Fiction Review Blog book tour, I’m getting a whole bunch of feedback on my novel, The Muse, the tale of a struggling writer searching for inspiration who gets a little more help than he expected–and that help might just cost him his life.

“So, is the new idea working? Did you get through your block?”

“Yeah. It’s amazing. Changing that one thing made it all come
together. I’ve got a credible way for Taron to win his battle and the war.
Why couldn’t I do that on my own, without help from somebody else?”

“We all need help sometimes. I’m always searching for new
sources of inspiration. Maybe…” Charity paused, her expression oddly
wistful. “Maybe you just needed a muse.”

I’ve been very happy with the responses from people who have read the book since its publication last November. When folks say they couldn’t put it down, and that it struck an emotional chord within them, I know I’ve done something right.

Anyhow, check out the comments from the CFRB gang during the month of April at the websites linked below. I’ll be popping in to answer any questions about the story, my writing process, other projects, favorite pizza toppings, or whatever.

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Cathi’s Chatter

The Words of David

Book Reviews by buuklvr81

Grace Bridges

Queen of Convolution

LeRoy Coffie

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