Scribbler’s Scoreboard, March ’10

A respectable number of submissions this month, but I’m mostly waiting on responses. Patience is a virtue, particularly in the writing world. So are stubbornness and a thick skin. Two publications coming next month, though, and there were a few cool items that don’t fall into the standard report.

The Muse, my novel of inspiration divine and diabolical will be featured in April’s Christian Fiction Review Blog Book Tour.

I was invited to provide an article on the Fantasy genre for a month-long American Christian Fiction Writers blog event, “All About Genre.” 22 writers will be presenting their “take” on writing all manner of fiction–check it out all through April on Ms. Peg Phifer’s blog, My article will appear on April 16.

I was also interviewed for an upcoming book about Christian writers of speculative fiction. The list of interviewees includes a couple of very notable names with whom I never imagined I might be sharing a Table of Contents. Expected publication date is early 2011. More details as they develop.

The March Scoreboard:

11 Mar: 61-day rejection from The Drabblecast for “The Devil’s Temp”

11 Mar: 2-day rejection from Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine for “The Odor From Outer Space”

12 Mar: “The Odor From Outer Space” submitted to Brain Harvest

15 Mar: “The Time Share” submitted to Wily Writers Speculative Fiction for podcast

25 Mar: “An Eternal, Unbroken Chain” submitted to Digital Dragon

Still waiting on responses from Allegory for “Come You Back to Mandalay,” Alternative Coordinates for “Promises,” and Every Day Fiction for “Bullies With Big Fat Heads”

“The Chamber of Doors” will appear in Bards and Sages Quarterly in April 2010.

“The Silver Tree” will appear in Kaleidotrope in April 2010.

“Mound of Mud” will appear in While the Morning Stars Sing in June 2010.


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