A milestone of sorts. Last night, this blog passed 1000 hits in a single month.

I understand that in the blogging world, this is vanishingly small potatoes. A popular site may get that many hits in less than five minutes.

Still, I like round numbers, and this translates to around 33 visits per day, on average. Plus, the trend has been steadily upward.

Add another zero to that, and I may throw a party or something. Set off a firecracker. Take my wife out for cheesecake. Buy my daughter a car!

Yeah, as if, Sweetie. Love ya.

Anyhow, many thanks to all my loyal readers, and also to those poor lost souls who stumbled out of the Google mixmaster onto my site looking for anime or pictures of the Grinch. I hope you found it moderately entertaining and that you’ll check in again soon, if only to see what fresh insanity I’ve created.

And while you’re here, go to the publications tab and read a couple of stories. That’s where I put the really good stuff.

Best Wishes,



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